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My approach is collaborative, intentional and responsive. I truly believe that personal transformation and social change are inseparable.

If we want to change the world around us, we also must change ourselves. If we want to change ourselves, we cannot ignore the injustices around us. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, none of us are free until all of us are free.

I work from the foundation that we are all interconnected and that the pathway to greater fairness is through the simple act of being in right relationship. That means working across the difference and using our differences to energize possibilities for change. It also means engaging in tough conversations and healing the hurts of the past and present.

I believe that leadership is a verb, not a noun. We are far past the time where effective leaders are only the ones in power. What is needed is brave collective action nudging us toward each other and toward right action moment to moment.

I am also an optimist. Not a naïve one. But my belief that positive change is possible provides the ongoing inspiration even when change is a slow, nonlinear and exhausting. In a world with growing polarization and ambiguity, wholehearted changemaking offers the skills to meet that complexity with presence, strength and insight.

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