Week 7: Integration + Just Sitting


Welcome to Week 7 of Stillness Activism. This week, we will look at how the simple act of just sitting may be itself a transformative act. We will close our time together by weaving the practices and teachings from the previous weeks. We will reflect on how you have been impacted by the practices, and we will develop intentions for going forward. 

While the many practices we have engaged through the course are powerful, I want to end our time together by stripping back to the core of meditation practice, and simply sit and be present to the moment as it presents itself. You are invited to set your timer, and simply sit for a period of time without a guided meditation. Enjoy just sitting and being in direct relationship to what is right before. you.

Week 7 Resource Guide: Just Sitting + Integration

This week explores the simple practice of just sitting. We explore the topics of the past 7 weeks together and look at how mindfulness has impacted you. There are also mindfulness resources and journalling prompts to support your reflections on the journey through the course.

Audio Recording

In this week’s audio recording, we look back at the course and each week’s topic and practices. We explore the practice of just sitting and look at how to integrate mindfulness in our lives going forward.

Download the audio recording here – Week 7 Audio Recording

Community Call

This week’s Community Call took place on Wednesday, November 11 from 9-10:15am |10-11:15pm MT | 5-6:15pm BST.

The call recordings can be found here:

WEEK 7 Community Call Recording VIDEO
WEEK 7 Community Call Recording AUDIO


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