Systems Change Consulting

How can we create change that goes deeper than the surface? How can we tackle the multitude of social and environmental issues that we face in a way that will make a difference? How can we create a world with greater justice, wholeness and connection? How can change makers work in more sustainable ways?

These are some of the big questions that Lisa is committed to answering through her life’s work.

How I Work

Lisa specializes in embedding systemic change in challenging environments. By disrupting limiting belief systems, inspiring more creative alliances across differences and breaking down ineffective organizational habits her clients are able to construct more valuable pathways.

Lisa draws on over two decades of work from Nigeria and Nepal, to work as a consultant and systems change specialist in North America (see Case Studies for examples of transformational change she’s brought to organizations and individuals). She has expanded her practice include expertise in policy change, curriculum design and delivery, strategy development and culture change. Her work has focused on a range of issues, including belonging and resiliency, sex work policy and practice, the opioid crisis, homelessness prevention, and diversity education.

Lisa brings a wealth of expertise in getting to the heart of complex social and sustainability issues.

To explore if Lisa and her team are a fit for your organizational challenges, contact Lisa.


Lisa Gibson is a coach, facilitator and systems change consultant.

Lisa specializes in helping people and groups bring their whole hearts forward in creating a more just, caring and sustainable world. Through working with individual, organizational and policy misalignments Lisa is able to scale values, culture and systems change.

With over 20 years experience in local and international work at multiple scales, her work focuses on a range of issues, including facilitation of complex multistakeholder processes, anti-racism and decolonization processes, individual and group coaching, leadership development, curriculum design, and teaching mindfulness. In particular, she is passionate about creating transformative spaces that help to restore our connection with our selves, each other and the earth.