Stillness Activism

300.00 $

Stillness Activism is a Seven Week Online Course

  • Tuesdays, October 18 – November 29, 2022
  • Price is in Canadian currency.

Each week includes:

  • Audio recording of the weekly teaching
  • Invite to a 90 minute community Zoom call
  • Series of practices to integrate mindfulness into your daily life
  • Resources (readings, poems, videos) to bring the teachings alive


  • Individual = $300 CAD

  • Non-profit organizations with annual budget less than $1 million = $400 CAD

  • Corporate and foundations with annual budget over $1 million = $500 CAD

Please reach out if you need further financial support to participate. Scholarships are available.
  • We aim for this offering to be accessible to anyone interested. Please reach out if registration cost is a barrier. 

An online mindfulness course for changemakers, activists, innovators and disrupters.

Seven Week Online Course, Tuesdays, October 18 – November 29, 2022

Course Outline:

Week 1: Doing + Being – Unpacking the ways that we do too much and undervalue time for simply being; working with attention, surrender and stopping.

Week 2: Stillness + Movement – Finding mindfulness in stillness and in movement; practicing meditation moment to moment 

Week 3: Befriending the Nervous System – Understanding the neurobiology of mindfulness and how we can work with the nervous system in healthy and supportive ways.

Week 4: Befriending the Shadows – Working with the parts of ourselves that we keep cloaked and safety out of view; bringing light to our shadows so we understand how they get in the way. 

Week 5: Befriending the Suffering – Extending the practice of mindfulness to how we witness injustice and inequity; staying awake to suffering and to our own privilege  so that we can serve.

Week 6: Intimacy with all things – Understanding how the radical act of sitting still opens us to our nonseparation from and interdependence with ourselves, each other and all things.

Week 7: Integration – Weaving together the practices and teachings from the previous weeks; developing intentions for going forward.