Working with Collaboration,
Strategy & Conflict

We live in a complex time. As the world moves towards greater connectedness and collaboration, there is also increasing conflict and division within ourselves, our teams and our world. The magnitude of the problems means that we need step out of our habitual patterns of knowing and behaving to create new ways of being together. What is required is stepping in wholeheartedly, with courage to embrace our sameness as well as our differences.

How I Work

My approach to facilitation is potent, intuitive and transformative. I specialize in facilitating courageous conversations, collaborating across differences, and infusing spaces with creativity and aliveness. I am passionate about leading individuals, organizations and teams to engage the injustices dominating many of our cultures, and to find ways we can live in greater alignment with the earth.

As a Certified Integral Facilitator, I work with a diversity of clients including nonprofits, government, business and foundations from short-term to decades-long engagements.

If you are facing challenges that require skillful facilitation, get in touch.


Lisa Gibson is a coach, facilitator and systems change consultant.

Lisa specializes in helping people and groups bring their whole hearts forward in creating a more just, caring and sustainable world. Through working with individual, organizational and policy misalignments Lisa is able to scale values, culture and systems change.

With over 20 years experience in local and international work at multiple scales, her work focuses on a range of issues, including facilitation of complex multistakeholder processes, anti-racism and decolonization processes, individual and group coaching, leadership development, curriculum design, and teaching mindfulness. In particular, she is passionate about creating transformative spaces that help to restore our connection with our selves, each other and the earth.