It is a serious thing
just to be alive
on this fresh morning
in this broken world.

- Mary Oliver

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Wholehearted changemaking for a more liberated, just, and connected world.

I am a transformational facilitator, coach, systems change consultant and writer.

I help individuals, groups and systems enact their larger potential and work across difference to realize positive change in the world.

If you are ready to create a healthy planet where justice, well being and right relationships thrive, let's work together.

Working with collaboration strategy + conflict

For high potential individuals, groups + teams

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Lisa Gibson is a coach, facilitator and systems change consultant.

Lisa specializes in helping people and groups bring their whole hearts forward in creating a more just, caring and sustainable world. Through working with individual, organizational and policy misalignments Lisa is able to scale values, culture and systems change.

With over 20 years experience in local and international work at multiple scales, her work focuses on a range of issues, including facilitation of complex multistakeholder processes, anti-racism and decolonization processes, individual and group coaching, leadership development, curriculum design, and teaching mindfulness. In particular, she is passionate about creating transformative spaces that help to restore our connection with our selves, each other and the earth.


The Art of Meditation Practice Series are an opportunity for you to come home to your life, awakening to who you really are and to the liberation and vitality that is available in each moment.

Seasonal 11-week Practice Series / Yearlong Program.


What if we could do our work in healthier and more connected ways? What if our own inner change supported our outer change goals? What if our activism was not only fuelled by getting still, but what if getting still was activism itself?

An online mindfulness course for changemakers, activists, innovators and disrupters



Seasonal Online Gatherings for a Year of Wholehearted Living

With Lisa Gibson & Brooke McNamara


“It’s no exaggeration to say that Lisa’s coaching and mentorship changed my life. She has an uncanny ability to help shine light in the shadows, identify what may be holding you back and helped me to move forward with purpose. My life began to shift after our first session and I continue to refer back to her wisdom and seek her support.”

Shawna Lawson


“I had the great pleasure to work and learn alongside Lisa, when she designed and facilitated a social innovation lab process focused on growing community connections and resilience. Lisa's talent for holding space for creative, grounded, and inclusive processes is remarkable and rare. She brings her years of experience working across sectors, and her open mind and open heart, to seek co-created solutions to some of the most complex challenges we are facing at this time. She is always learning, curious, reflective, and ambitious in her work, and brings out the best in those around her.”

Lindsay Cole

Director of the Solutions Lab, City of Vancouver

My Approach

My approach is collaborative, intentional and responsive. I truly believe that personal transformation and social change are inseparable. If we want to change the world around us, we also must change ourselves. If we want to change ourselves, we cannot ignore the injustices around us. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, none of us are free until all of us are free.

I work from the foundation that we are all interconnected and that the pathway to greater fairness is through the simple act of being in right relationship. That means working across the difference and using our differences to energize possibilities for change. It also means engaging in tough conversations and healing the hurts of the past and present.

I believe that leadership is a verb, not a noun. We are far past the time where effective leaders are only the ones in power. What is needed is brave collective action nudging us toward each other and toward right action moment to moment.

I am also an optimist. Not a naïve one. But my belief that positive change is possible provides the ongoing inspiration even when change is a slow, nonlinear and exhausting. In a world with growing polarization and ambiguity, wholehearted changemaking offers the skills to meet that complexity with presence, strength and insight.



Case study: Living in Community

Since 2005, Lisa has worked as the Director of Living in Community, an innovative community initiative that is working to change the conversations we have about sex work, and to translate those new conversations into good policy and practice that ensure safety, health and dignity for all.

At the heart of the Living in Community model is the bringing together of different groups who are impacted by or have an impact on sex work – current and former sex workers, support organizations, Indigenous groups, health organizations, police, business, government and community organizations. As a group, they focus on getting at root causes like stigma, poverty and gender-based violence that create vulnerability not only for sex workers, but also for other community members. They educate, change policies and share their unique model of collaboration with the goal of creating communities that are healthy and safe for everyone.

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